It's going to take time and commitment if you want to succeed.Chinchillas will live up to 20 years and have long memories. The key is to have patience, never get angry with him, and take it slow. This doesn't take a huge leap and as long as you have been spending daily time with him, should be pretty easy to do. First, take one of the treats that he likes the most and place it in the center of your palm. Training your chin to do a trick when he's small will be much easier than trying to retrain him not to do something once he's 10 years old. If he won't even come up to your hand to check it out, then you may Rubber Machine Screw need to start by just feeding him a treat that you are holding in your fingers, making it as easy as possible for him to come up and grab it.

When he sees the cage open he will probably think it's time to play outside his cage so he will go check it out.. Once he comes to trust you more he will venture further and eventually jump into your hand and even climb up your arm to get the treat. Injection Molding Barrel The first thing you should focus on is bonding with the little guy so he will come to love and trust you. When he notices the treat in your hand he will be very tempted to go get it and may or may not go for it the first time. These little creatures also scare very easily. Like all animals, they form habits that can be very hard to break, which is why you better train them right the first time.

But doing so will help you bond with him and he will come to love you more and be more and more comfortable with you and the things you do, which is worth it!The first trick you should start with is getting your chinchilla to eat out of your hand. Open the cage door and put your hand right outside of it. When you first bring him home, you shouldn't start immediately trying to teach your chin parlor tricks to impress all your friends. If he doesn't don't get impatient with him, but be consistent and keep trying. You should be prepared to spend a lot of time with your chinchilla if you expect him to learn even simple tricks. Once he is comfortable coming out of his cage and being around you, then he is ready to start learning simple tricks.